30 things from past week

1. I just experienced a different way of reading a paragraph—one that invites and reports an open-ended power of the respondent. Read this piece, and select some of the text as you read it. You get to “react to this”! Choose “Problematic”, “Provocative”, “Cosign”, or “THIS”, or add your own! And then you get to see how many reacted to what, how! Cool!

2. I’ve noticed in the past few months a risky situation, that when you’re in a bad mood you know how to stay in it, by choosing, when you have the choice of how you notice, the (classically) negative noticing. Your memory and your sentences are tilted toward the awful. And I’ve long said to myself that to “favor the best” noticing is a best practice, more recently wondering how this is related to my privilege. I think it’s part of how I construct a willful blindness of acts of oppression that go on all around me. BUT NOW you mention that these negative noticings are a common feature of Social anxiety disorder, which you sorta have! Hmm. So it’s you, and it’s me, and it’s not only me, and it’s not only you.

3. It seems like Facebook has become all about sharing. When I see something shared, I see how many times it’s been shared, and I construct a sense of how “big” it already is. If it’s big, I don’t want to comment on it. I never want to share something that has already been shared. Oops.

4. This video. I have never witnessed a robbery before.

5. The archive recording of my first all-udderbot concert  has been downloaded 358 times. I wonder by whom and what they thought, and how the heck to get “the ball out of my court”.

6. This revolution, the revolution acting on the revolution, is fragile, tenuous. How can I help, from here? My instinct is that when I take leadership from women of color, or when my activities are foremost informed by the concerns of women of color, I’ll be in a different society, one going in a desirable direction.

7. I really want and feel entitled to the recording of our live performance from Saturday. Mostly I miss the new songs and want to spend time with them. I also dread the performance being reified, every error and roughness duplicated and made authoritative.

8. It took me one hour to make that much food! I don’t know what all the fretting was about. But I knew the whole time I was fretting that there was nothing to fret about.

9. This is not the first time we were going to cook together and then you couldn’t. Now I know what it feels like.

10. You’re the only person that calls me twice a day, but not the only person I simply don’t pick up the phone for.

11. I can think of a ton of wonderful, completely possible interventions into reality, where all that’s between them and reality is a whole lot of work, is knowing that I’m committed to seeing them through. Nobody else can see them, even after they’re done.

12. I’m leaving this potluck sustainafarm glorious workday for a Mexican restaurant. I try not to spill any of the contradiction on anyone, and nearly succeed.

13. When paying with a credit card, the difference between tipping a big round number and tipping a number that will result in a big round number total.

14. I was going to comment on the song, but it never finished playing, so I didn’t comment. I wanted to lend my support, but not without hearing the end, and it looks like I’d have to buy the CD to hear that. My analytical ears are stumped.

15. That’s a surprisingly diatonic collection of pitches to be getting out of a gong!

16. Does anyone enjoy it when I thrust my laptop in their face?

17. Was the Cliché Vortex really that confusing? Why is it so hard to get what I want to happen to happen? Do I just need to be more redundant? Louder? Slower? Or was it doomed from the time we formulated it?

18. Pawpaw leaves are big.

19. These sponges are hard on my hands. They don’t act like normal sponges. Or maybe our old sponges were so old that I forgot what normal sponges do.

20. Andrew is hedging our performance and he doesn’t need to, and crowd knows it and calls him on it.

21. I probably want to turn my room into a guest bedroom. I’m never in there.

22. Roma tomatoes at $1/pound is a good deal. I think they just are desparate to get rid of the last of them.

23. Saying that “you could read so much into each statement” we say is different from doing the reading. The reading is what makes Stephen so good when he’s good.

24. In describing my ensemble identity crisis…well, I wish we were all a bit more dogmatic on the distinctions we’re passionate about. The loose enforcement, the condonement, is really clouding my looking. Not negative enough, perhaps!

25. When my work is for a non-profit and I’m not getting paid, well, they’re lucky if anything happens in a timely fashion. The cycle of slack.

26. I can’t believe you cook so much more than me. But then you say you kind of want to open a restaurant. Again, it’s not only me or only you or only the two of us.

27. One way that elitism can happen is, as Klaus Krippendorf puts it, when designers assume that their design needs to be understood in the way they understand it in order to be used.

28. What is it that I do when I read Feministing? What am I looking for? I can’t figure it out.

29. If I were to notice anything about my bad toothbrushing habits I would have to change them, so I notice nothing.

30. Spambot used this generic empathy to “respond” to a post I made:

I do like the way you have framed this particular difficulty and it really does present us a lot of fodder for thought. However, from just what I have personally seen, I just simply hope as the actual opinions pack on that men and women keep on issue and don’t start on a soap box of the news du jour. Yet, thank you for this superb point and although I can not agree with this in totality, I regard the standpoint.

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